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madExcept supports plugins which can add information to the bug report. Creating your own plugins is very easy, and installing them into madExcept is even easier - thanks to the built in plugin manager tool. Please head on over to the online documentation to read more about how you can create your own plugins.

On this page I'll list some additional plugins, which you can download and install into your Delphi IDE. Installation works like this: Just download the plugin, unzip and double click it. Done. You don't even need to close the IDE during installation of the plugin! If you have created some nice plugins which you want to share with other madExcept users, please send them to me and I'll gladly post them here.

file name author short description G.W. van der Vegt list of "SystemParamtersInfo" settings G.W. van der Vegt exhaustive list of locale settings G.W. van der Vegt some extended memory related information Jens Fudickar hierarchy information of active VCL control